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Jann Franklin

​Jann Franklin, a resident of Grand Cane, Louisiana, began writing to express her creative side.

But it wasn't always like that--not until she encouraged herself to value her small-town roots.


Jann is a strong believer in faith-based parenting and author of the Small-Town Girl book series. Her books tell the story of a big city girl and her journey to embrace a community of 298 people.

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Read & Explore
Dive in the story of small town girl and learn about her...


Many of Jann’s chapters come from her weekly visits to the downtown coffee shop. Read about her quirky characters with big hearts.


What's it like to leave the bright lights of the city to seek a life you never knew you wanted? God throws curveballs but He's always there to help you field them.


Jen embraces small-town life, but constantly faces challenges that test her faith. Will her faith stand taller than her fear?

The Misadventures of a
Big City Girl in a
Small-Town World

Sometimes life throws you curveballs. Jen Guidry thrives in the big city, but her husband Mike finds the bright lights blinding.

He moves their family back to the tiny town in Louisiana where he grew up, a place that doesn't even have a coffee shop! How will Jen cope with being a fish out of water?

God puts us all where we're needed, and Jen is no exception. It isn't long before Jen is living a life she never knew she wanted. Can she give up the bright lights of the big city forever and truly appreciate her yard full of lightning bugs?


Join Jen and her family in the first book of this delightful small-town series, as she finds new friends and new adventures (and misadventures) while navigating small-town life.

 The second of the
Small -Town Girl Series

The Town of Graisseville, Louisiana is in crisis, and the mayor needs Jen Guidry’s help!

Jen has finally embraced small town life with open arms, but now she’s facing new challenges that test her faith. She struggles to balance family and her desire to help, but her husband Mike prefers she leave well enough alone.

While working with the mayor to save the town from financial crisis, she discovers others who also need her assistance. With Jen’s hilarious enthusiasm for navigating her career, friendships, and matchmaking schemes, she nearly loses sight of God’s blessings for her family.

Follow the plucky adventures of a small-town wife, mother and friend, as she discovers how to embrace God’s plan for her life.

Grab your copy of this hometown book and follow along as Jen navigates a life she never expected to love. You’ll laugh, cry and roll your eyes at the antics of this charming small-town Southern heroine.

A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology

Author Jann Franklin tries her hand at mystery writing in this collection of short stories from Aconite Cafe Press:

Did you hear that? The creak in the stairs?
Is it the escaped convict? Or is it a ghost?
Snuggle in for these frightful tales from your favorite cozy mystery authors! Can these sleuths overcome their fears, and solve the case?

Jann's story in this anthology series:

Rougarous and Babysitters

Mel’s mother sabotages her Saturday night by hiring her out as a babysitter.  Mel is less than pleased, but rallies to beat the clock and protect the household from a monster.  Is the creature really a dark family secret, or an act of revenge?   


Evangeline Delafose is finding Graisseville, Louisiana just as she remembered—boring and uneventful. Until her brother Nate asks her to help solve a murder.

 Follow Ev as she navigates clues, dead bodies, and quirky small-town residents to solve a mystery. And of course, show her little brother that she's still got it.

 You'll laugh, cry and roll your eyes at the antics of this charming small-town Southern sleuth and her exasperating private investigator.

 This book is the first of the Small-Town Girl Mystery Series.

Chesse Grits & Hissy Fits

The Town of Graisseville, Louisiana needs leadership.
The village has no Mayor or Aldermen. No one wants a lob that pavs less than $25 per month.


Meanwhile ancient resentments threaten to tear the town apart.
Once again Jen Guidry is here to help!
Will the wedding of the year mend family feuds or create wider divisions in the small community Jen has come to love? She's gotta trust that God has a plan.

Don't miss the latest escapades of this small-town wife, mother, and friend as she figures out how to accent God's purpose for her life in the face of difficulties particular to a community of fewer than 300 people.

This is the third book of the Small Town Girl
Praise for Jann Franklin's
Small Town Girl Book Series

"Jann Franklin's incredible tales of the unique challenges of Small Town life are both funny and thought provoking.


"​I'd love to hear from you" 

Donna Hornak

Jann Franklin, in her first novel, quietly joins the ranks of warm, whimsical, and wonderful southern voices such as Fannie Flagg and Charlaine Harris with her charming tale of small-town life, and one woman's caffeine-fueled odyssey to make a name and place for herself within it, after moving from the city to accommodate her family. Many adventures (and cups of coffee) later, she ultimately discovers that she has also improved her own lot in life along the way. Heartfelt, funny, and inspiring, this is a quick read, and leaves us hoping to hear more about the lovely citizens of Graisseville, Louisiana, and the Guidry family.

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