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We all have superpowers-we truly do. Not the cool Superman strength or Wonder Woman’s invisible jet (wouldn’t that be amazing?) But we all have unique abilities.

My husband’s superpower is Telling Time. You can ask him what time it is and, without looking at any clock, he can tell you within ten minutes the time. It’s one of the many things I love about him.

My dad’s superpower is that he can fix pretty much anything with duct tape and Wd40-he’s amazing! I imagine a lot of us have or had dads like that.

God gives us all superpowers-the Bible calls them spiritual gifts. We are to use our gifts to build up the church, share His message, and glorify God. The website breaks down the gifts in a detailed but logical manner. I’m not going to list them all here, but here’s a summarized version:

Administration Apostleship Craftsmanship Discernment Evangelism

Exhortation Faith Giving Healing Helps

Hospitality Intercession Word of Knowledge Leadership Mercy

Miracles Pastor/Shepherd Prophecy Service Teaching

Tongues (and Interpretation) Word of Wisdom

The list is worth reviewing. There is also a test to determine your spiritual gifts and a .pdf document so you can study your results. I took the test and apparently my gifts/superpowers are:

Hospitality Mercy Exhortation Giving Pastor/Shepherd

I would have to concur-I love hosting, I feel great empathy for others, I love teaching, and I feel blessed when I have money to give to spiritual causes.

I also found another Superpower Quiz. I took this one as well, and my superpower is Time Travel. I found that super cool but not as useful for furthering the Kingdom. When I figure out how to utilize that superpower I will let you know.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts on this post-I’d love to hear about your superpowers-spiritual or otherwise!

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