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My youngest child Cameron was born in 2000 and I lost him five times by the time he was seven years old. I feel like I should say that in front of some sort of support group. “My name is Jann Franklin and I’ve lost my son five times.” I haven’t lost him since he turned five, and I feel I should get some sort of certificate for that. It was definitely a theme during the first four years of his life.

One would think after the first three times I lost my child that I would have devised some sort of plan to keep it from happening again. The fourth time was not my fault since I was not the one supposed to be watching him. After the fifth time, to my credit, I went thirteen years without losing him. I think I should get some sort of award or gift card. Or something! I was on a winning streak-yay me! Then he turned twenty.

Cameron attends Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. He is a great kid, but his time is limited. We go to visit him-a five and a half hour drive-but he is so busy between classes and work and CRU and GF (who we love!)

We planned a trip down to the Texas Hill Country-my husband, my dad, and me. We stayed with my awesome cousin in Austin free of charge and she fed us. A win definitely on my side for sure.

We met Cameron and his wonderful GF in San Marcos for dinner on Friday night-great times, she got to meet more of the weird crazy family and seemed to survive. We made plans for Cameron to drive 30 minutes to Austin for breakfast at my cousin’s. GF had to work so couldn’t come. And then we waited.

We started breakfast at 9AM on Saturday. At 9:30 I started calling and texting Cameron. At 10:45AM I started calling and texting GF. No answers on any fronts. I knew GF had to be at work at 11AM so I called the restaurant-she was there. Okay that’s good-at least she’s not lost.

She thought perhaps Cameron had overslept and was also feeling sick. These are things he never told his mother, but that’s why I’d found it all important to stay close to GF. She is definitely in the know! She promised to follow up with Cameron and get back with me. Sure enough, I received a text message from second son telling me he’d spent a greater part of the past evening after our wonderful dinner back on campus. Back on campus trying to finish homework. He also wasn’t feeling so good and had slept through his alarms. He was very sorry.

Yes I know my kid is twenty years old. Yes I know that some might say he was never technically lost. Mamas-hear me now. Review my past posts about losing my child five (yep-five) times and then understand that for two hours I didn’t know where my son was-all I knew was that he was supposed to be at my cousin’s house. So I ask you: was my son lost to me?

I try to find lessons to learn in every story, but I honestly have no revelations at this point. My kid was lost. His GF found him. She is once again my very favorite person on this planet. I love her!

Please comment and let me know your thoughts on this post. Do share-please don’t let me be the only woman who can’t keep track of her kid.

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