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The Murder Victim

The setting is Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana. Evangeline Delafose is visiting with her best friends Elizabeth Trahan and Annabelle Brochet. Just a fun girls' weekend...until the murder.

The victim is local businesswoman Chantilly Romero, who ingested a Shrimp Po' Boy with poison in it. Chantilly, on the surface, is an upstanding member of the community. But she has her secrets. Rumor has it she runs an illegal high-stakes poker game out of her whiskey distillery, and she makes sure the house gets its cut. Many people speculate her bodyguard Clifford has broken his fair share of bones to get Chantilly her money.

Some people claim Chantilly's husband didn't die of natural causes, and that she helped him along to the pearly gates. Regardless, the police have never been able to prove a thing. Has someone decided to take matters into their own hands?

Comment below with the murder suspect name and a brief physical description. Any quirks or habits? Then tell me the suspect's motive (reason to kill), means (ability to kill), and opportunity (chance to kill).