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Mike Johnson represents the fourth Congressional District of Louisiana. There’s a bunch of other important stuff on his website. It’s all good. Let’s just say if you believe the Bible the inerrant, infallible Word of God then you will believe Mike. Because he’s the real deal.

If you live in Mike’s district and believe the Bible is the truth, then you need to vote for him. Here’s the thing: he actually believes the Bible is true. I’m in his district and I find that’s enough for me.

Rep. Mike Johnson (so handsome in his khaki’s and blue blazer and cool shoes) spoke at my home church in Louisiana. He spoke with his very cool wife Kelly. They live close by and raise their kids according to the Word of God. What? Amazing! This super power couple are my new heroes. I love them!

He is transparent, as in what he tells us he actually believes. I’m not sure that’s true for other elected people representing my country. You know what he told me of this $3.5 trillion bill that has been working hard to be passed? It says that thousands of immigrants are going to become American citizens if it’s passed. Mike proposed an amendment that said no sexual offenders would become citizens. Democrats said no.

There is more to this story but I am going to stop right here. I don’t care if you voted Democrat or Republican. I don’t care if you voted Biden or Trump. I care right here right now that if our representatives are discussing whether convicted sexual offenders will be welcomed into our country, we as Christians (red or blue) have to say No. Stop. Not Happening.

I ask you to please. Please. Please call your congressperson. Please don’t email or tweet or Insta or comment or post. Please call your congressperson’s office and say No. No I do not want people becoming citizens in my country who have been convicted of any sex crimes. I love my country and I love my country’s children.

I try to find a lesson learned in all my experiences. Please let me know if your federal representative tells you that absolutely no convicted sexual offenders will ever be allowed in our country. Because my federal representative is telling me that people in my government want that to happen. Which scares me

Comment and let me know how you’ve made your best friend feel better.

Mile Johnson

Mike & Kelly Johnson-Answers For Our Times

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