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My youngest had a very best friend from an early age. I loved his bestie Jack-I truly did. I loved Jack’s parents, Jack’s brother and sister. They were amazing and fantastic. But with all people we did seem to have some troubles with communication. I will be more specific.

Cameron went to Jack’s house to spend the night. Yay I said. One less kid I said. Just one at my house means no fights, no arguments, less difficulties, less food to feed. Yes, all is so good. Until it isn’t.

I picked up Cameron on Saturday morning and all is so good. He had a great time, Jack’s mom fixed all the foods he loved, Jack’s family is awesome and perfect (well of course because they’re not yours kid but I will not say a word…..) My child had the most perfect overnight stay. He and his best friend also got to climb on the roof. Say what?

We are driving home and Cameron says, “When Jack and I climbed on the roof, we looked all around.”

Uh Hum…. ”So, Jack’s dad was with you on the roof, right?” Cameron immediately responds, “No Mom-just me and Jack”. Seriously?

I am just speechless. Well, no not actually-I am a mom of course so not at all. “Where was Jack’s dad?” Cameron nonchalantly responds “I’m not sure. It was just me and Jack on the roof. We climbed all over the roof and it was awesome. Then we climbed down the ladder off the roof. Then we ate pancakes.” Well of course you ate pancakes-that’s what all small children do when they’ve climbed all over a roof.

Yes my mamas-my heart was going out of control. I of course have Jack’s mom on speed dial. She picks up but I’m sure she regretted it.

“Hey! It’s Jann! How are you?” Yeah, I don’t really care how you are Jack’s Mom. Sorry, but I am more concerned why you let my child wander all over your roof! But it’s the South so I have to pretend like I’m concerned how you’re doing. Dadgum my mama’s upbringing!

Jack’s mom responds so sweetly. She was brought up in the North but I got to tell you she has adapted quickly. This mom’s got the Southern thing going on strong. I appreciate you adopting our Southern heritage but girlfriend, I am getting right to the point.

“So Cameron tells me had a great time at your home. In fact he had such a great stay because he and your son got to climb on your roof without any adult supervision.” I paused for effect. I just got silence.

I have to admire Jack’s mom-she’s good. I must admit I would not have been so cool. She gives me a calm, cool silence any Southern women would have applauded and said, “I’m going to have to speak with Jack’s father and get back with you on that.” Wow! What a woman! Words to live by I have to say.

So here’s the actual truth. Jack, Jack’s dad, and Cameron were playing frisbee in the backyard. The frisbee ended up on the roof (yep-I totally get that. I have had that happen too.) Jack’s father said “Hey boys-let’s get a ladder and get that frisbee”. He went first and got the frisbee. Then, in true man form (I think this is wonderful but just wish it had been conveyed to me) Jack’s dad stepped back down the ladder and went back up the ladder with Jack in front of him. He let Jack stand up and look around and touch the roof, then they both come down. He then came back up the ladder with Cameron in front and let my kid do the same. Then they all come down. Yep-so amazing in a child’s eyes it was, well, yeah…..just so different than what actually happened. Once I knew the truth then I was….well…you know… embarrassed for being such a….well you know…a mom.

We still kept our friendship-Jack’s mom and me. She gave me a super cool windchime when we moved. I miss her and her super hero mom like tendencies.

I try to find a lesson learned in all my experiences. Let’s just lay it all out-I over reacted and should have trusted Jack’s mom. I mean, let’s be real-if I trust her to keep my kid overnight then I should have trusted her for everything.

Please comment and let me know if you’ve overreacted. I’m sure you haven’t. But if you have, please tell me. Let’s be real-I don’t want to be alone.