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I love my friend Cindy-I truly do. She is amazing and fantastic and wonderful. The fact that she would tell you that’s not true just solidifies how amazing and fantastic and wonderful she is. I mean seriously-she invented The Cup Half Full Principle.

I hesitate to even share it with you-this information is beyond amazing. I told you about the Amazing Life Hack my friend Kristi shared with me, so I feel guilty sharing this tip as well. But Cindy changed my life.

Her son is my oldest son’s age. But oh my stars! Her son is the most grateful, appreciative human being on this planet. How did she do that? Please share Cindy!

Simple, Cindy confessed to me. When her kids were toddlers, she would pour them a ¼ cup of juice. “But Mom-I want more!” her kids would cry. Cindy (oh my-I am so impressed!) would take that small ¼ cup of juice and throw it into the sink. Then she would hand the empty cup to her quivering child. “Hmmm-would you rather have this cup, or the one you had before?”

Some of you may be screaming “FAULT! VIOLATION! BAD MOTHER! ABUSER!” But please hear me out.

Cindy’s kids are the most grateful human beings you will ever find on this planet. I personally think gratitude is something our world is missing. We live in a country that has the most, the best, the can’t even. Why shouldn’t our citizens be grateful? Instead of teaching our kids to think they deserve more, why aren’t we teaching the future voting citizens of our country that we are grateful for our rights? Gratitude is something to be embraced, to be loved. Thank you Cindy!

I try to find lessons to learn in every story-oh my Cindy you are fabulous!

Please comment and let me know your thoughts on this post. Do share-is Cindy your hero or your anti-hero?

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