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My friend Cassie is a single mom with a six year old daughter. Cassie began attending church regularly about 2 years ago, and her daughter attends with her every other week. Cassie was finding it difficult to get back into the routine of getting up early and get out the door in time for church. She was finding it more difficult to ignore her daughter asking twelve times if it was time to go to church on Sunday morning.

The Holy Spirit definitely used that little girl to get them to church on the Sundays they were together. Cassie started out going to make her daughter happy, and because she wanted her daughter to attend church like she had as a child. But then Cassie began looking forward to hearing her daughter tell the Bible lessons she learned in Sunday School and Children’s Church, the songs she was learning to sing. Cassie experienced what we moms all have experienced-that happiness that comes from our children loving something that we loved as a child. Cassie also felt the pure joy of knowing her child was experiencing God and His church.

The Holy Spirit wasn’t finished using Cassie’s daughter to keep her accountable. On the Sundays when Cassie didn’t have her daughter, she would pick her up on Monday after school. The first question out of her daughter’s mouth every time was “Did you go to church yesterday, Mommy?” Poor Cassie was outsmarted by a six year old and the Holy Spirit. She began going every Sunday, and soon felt more comfortable walking in the door alone. She was back into the routine and the comfort of enjoying a church family.

I just love it when our children hold us accountable-well, I love when other people’s children hold them accountable. When my children hold me accountable, I know it’s good for me, like taking my vitamins. I know it’ the Holy Spirit using my children to convict me. And that is a blessing.

I find a lesson to be learned in all life stories. I think we should all be more aware that it’s the Holy Spirit using our kids to convict us, and we should find the joy in that.

Please comment and let me know how your children have convicted you of any spiritual truths or behavior. Please share!

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