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I love weddings. Let me clarify-I love wedding receptions. I love the cake, the pile of presents, seeing the bride and groom relaxed and not so nervous. Normally I find the ceremony pretty standard and uneventful. But recently I attended a sweet, Biblical, precious wedding with four traditions I had never seen before. Of course I don’t get out much so I may just be behind the times.

1-Before the ceremony we were asked to sign the bride’s violin and the groom’s guitar. I just loved this celebration of their shared passion for music! And I never knew how much room there is on a violin for names. Postscript-the groom gave his bride a ukulele for her wedding gift. This young man is starting his marriage off on great terms.

2-During the ceremony just before the bride and groom were introduced as Mr. and Mrs., the minister asked the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom to come up to the alter. The minister asked the family to lay their hands on the couple and say a prayer. I was just blown away! What a beautiful and amazing way to begin their new life together!

3-During the reception the guests were directed to a beautiful leather Bible laying on a table, asked to find a favorite verse, to highlight it with a supplied highlighter, and write their names beside the verse. I literally got tears in my eyes as I saw this amazing keepsake for the couple. I had such a difficult time trying to decide which verse to highlight. In the end, I chose three verses-better too many than too few, right?

4-On the guest tables were paper hearts with the words “My Prayer for This Couple Is”. In a typical moment of reality I wrote “That your cupboards be full, your laundry basket be empty, and your love be never ending.” Really, isn’t that what we moms all wish for brides everywhere?

I find a lesson to be learned in all my past deeds. In this case I just wish I had been brilliant and included these traditions in my wedding. I still have kids to marry off though and they all request and respect my advice so there’s that.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts on this post. Please let me know of any other Biblical and beautiful traditions you’ve seen incorporated into a wedding.

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